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Evento promosso da:
Associazione Culturale “De Rerum Natura”

Luciano Zepparelli –

Direzione Artistica
Daniele Zepparelli –

Responsabile generale
Cristiano Cinti – 

Ilona Di Maio –

Responsabile della sostenibilità
Maria Vittoria Fiorelli –

Sergio Cerini – 335 6951224 –

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    You can stay at a hostel or hotel. In addition, there are berths in the trailer. We also have camping sites for guests. The Full 2022 Pack ticket price already includes tent rental and camping places.
    You can come in your car or even in a trailer. We provide parking spaces. You can also purchase an additional bus ticket that will take you to the festival. Trips in our transport are comfortable.
    There are tickets on our website. You can buy a ticket or book a seat online. You can pay using an e-wallet, as well as Visa or Master Card. We will send you a ticket electronically or in hard copy.

    We have a very interesting entertainment program. We have a lot of fun in store for you! A concert awaits you, as well as a fair and many surprises. You will be satisfied and remember this festival.